Unique Company Packages

Work Re-Organization/ Health Promotions - including - Innovation Focus

Tzatziki Workshop

Tzatziki Workshop builds on the experiential leaning from the Tzatziki game - focused toward Your Organization - and followed with discussion of how your organization could go forward.

Work Re-Organization and Engagement Tools: Tzatziki Game

A Demand/Control Model work-experiential learning tool.

Towards a Feasible New Economy of Innovative and Healthy Work

Read about the speech and course New Economy of Innovative and Healthy Work

Innovation-relevant Communication

Conducivity Model-based - an extension of Demand/Control Model’s “active work” hypothesis

Organizational Diagnostic Plan and Process “Organizational Health Status” assessments: Problem Analysis 
JCQ Questionnaire

Fort company Dialogue start and research - our JCQ has a world network -

Stress / Health / Management Courses and Individual Counseling:
Coaching / Therapy
Meditation in companies
Socio-Tech Work Organization Analysis and Redesign
Organization Re-design Consultancy
Multi-Level Change Process Support

Stress-Disquilibrium Theory - an extension of Demand/Control Model’s “job strain” hypothesis