Members and Partners

Robert KarasekRobert Karasek

Founder and Director at Øresund Synergy, Professor, Department of Work Environment and Director of JCQ Center. University of Massachusetts Lowell (Boston), and Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen University, Institut for Psykologi, Denmark

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Eva ØrumEva Ørum

General Manager at Øresund Synergy, Cand. Psych.

Eva Ørum integrates her interests in work and organizational psychology with stress and health topics and legal topics, and is also working as a Coach.

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Helge HvidHelge Hvid

 Helge Hvid is professor at Centre of Working Work Life Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark.

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Per Bornholm maj 2014 bPer Sederblad

PhD in Sociology, lecturer in Working Life Science

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Emil Thomsen SchmidtEmil Thomsen Schmidt

Emil Thomsen Schmidt is Cand.Psych.

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Åsa PerglerÅsa Pergler

Åsa Pergler is Cand. Psych.

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Juliet Juliet Miller

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Jørgen Møller ChristiansenJørgen Møller Christiansen

Jørgen Møller Christiansen was recently employed as a senior research associate at University of Southern Denmark where he will be in charge of a project on fatigue and working conditions.

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Peter Hagedorn-RasmussenPeter Hagedorn-Rasmussen

Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen is associate professor at Roskilde University, Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies, Denmark.

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Johnny schultzJohnny Schultz

Johnny Schultz is Cand.Psych. specializing in work and organizational psychology.

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STGroep St_Groep: Socio-Technical Work Organization Design

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Flanders SynergyFlanders Synergy, Workplace Innovation Training Network

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