Emil Thomsen SchmidtEmil Thomsen Schmidt

Emil Thomsen Schmidt is Cand.Psych.

He has an intense interest in communicative linkages as well within organizations as between organizations and their customers. In this context he has been working with The Demand/Control model and the Conducive Production Value model, identifying the role of middle managers in innovation-based work organization and the importance of language and communication skills for fulfilling this role. Since he has a bachelor’s degree in German at Copenhagen University, he also applies linguistic skills and methods in the analysis of language and communication in organizations. Apart from these topics, Emil is very interested in different methods for assessing the psychosocial work environment – especially how games can be used to assess and improve the psychosocial work environment. Pursuing this interest, he has recently completed an internship (Sept.-Dec. 2012) at the Royal Danish Defense College, Institute for Leadership and Organization,,working in the department of research and development on a new tool for assessing psychosocial work environment in international military operations. This work also included training soldiers and officers how to apply the tool. The new tool is now used by the Danish Forces in Afghanistan to improve the psychosocial work environment.
After his internship, Emil has continued working at The Royal Danish Defense College, Institute for Leadership and Organization (see link below). As captain of a semi-professional soccer team, Emil is the head of the players’ council and is responsible for the communication between players and management of the club.