Peter Hagedorn-RasmussenPeter Hagedorn-Rasmussen

Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen is associate professor at Roskilde University, Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies, Denmark.

He is specialized within organizational change and working life with particular interest in understanding the process of translation of ideas to practice in organizations. He was originally educated at Centre of Working Environment and Working Life, Roskilde University, where he also conducted research on the relationship between managerial concepts and the development of work life (PhD in 2000). Before returning to research 2012, Peter has been working as a consultant in five years undertaking roles as facilitator, coach, analyst and evaluator. Previously his research on organizational change, working life and psychosocial work environment has been conducted at Technical University of Denmark, The Danish National Centre for Social Research as well as Roskilde University. Presently he is also focusing on project management and process improvement. Key words in most of Peter’s activities are involvement, learning, sense making and the improvement of processes.

Peter also is co-editor of Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv (Journal of Working Life Studies).