Eva ØrumEva Ørum

Director/Manager at Øresund Synergy.

Eva Ørum is Cand Psych. Business Psychologist

Eva Ørum integrates her interests in work and organizational psychology with stress and health topics and legal topics, and is also working as a Coach.

Eva Ørum Cand Psych Master's dissertation is on the effect of the subject’s social context both micro and macro (society and culture) in relation to well-being and the effectiveness of Positive Psychology methodologies, such as coaching.

Before her current university work, Eva Ørum was founder and manager of the largest cosmetic, wellness- stylist- and fashionsalon, clinic and school on Copenhagen’s main shopping street: Strøget. This business involved multiple professionals, including physicians, and operated a wholesale activity and a school that trained many practitioners in the field. She has broad experience with general management, client consultations, teaching and coaching, human resource management, education management and customer and supplier contact.

Her hobbies include society and culture, fashion, art, design, music, and a broad range of sports- and fitness activities and healthy gourmet.

Email: eva@evaorum.dk

Link: www.evaørum.dk og www.jcqcenter.com