Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) 2.0:

Organization-Level Focus

Øresund Synergy utilizes (and had guided development of) the newest version of the world-renowned, proprietary questionnaire: the Job Content Questionnaire JCQ 2.0.

This new instrument now includes a multi-faceted “Organizational Health Status” assessment section, and an External-To-Work social context section, as well as the world research standard job strain risk/and job active growth assessment sections based on the Demand/Control/Support model.

Many scales are standardized around the world (in use in 70 countries) and have several decades of published research findings - allowing well-validated comparative assessments of social aspects of work situations. The questions are interpretable across all work settings, allowing the feedback results to support multi-party dialogues about work organization in companies.

The newest JCQ 2 sections assess dynamic changes in workplace organization, multi-level stressor and control issues, organizational self-regulation, and customer linkages.


JCQ2 Questionnaire

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JCQ2 Questionnaire

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