Organization Re-design Consultancy

Socio-Tech Work Organization Analysis and Redesign Courses

Initial assessment of organizational structure, perceived problems, and anticipated company solution via Organizational “Quick Scan” key-persons meetings and JCQ-based dialogues.

New Course areas are provided – as needed – in these areas:

1. Organizational Design-from-the-Outside-In: Changing the work organization to adapt to customer needs. Our Conducive Production/ New Socio-Tech approach develops new communication tools and pathways so that producers learn to speak the "language" of customer’s real needs  - and customers learn to speak the “language of production, and thereby learn what they can feasibly "get."

2. Simplification of Complex Organizations - with simplistic jobs, and movement towards Simple Organizational structures - with enriched jobs: active and challenging. Training in multiple tools for creating meaningful work roles: alternative work team structures, new roles for team leaders and middle management, use of games in work re-design process, and multiple stake-holder dialogues.

3. Performance Indicators and Innovative Work Design

4. Alternative approaches to Lean Production and new Socio-Tech design

5. Public sector challenges: standardizations, budgets – and the need to adapt to ever expanding customer needs.