Tzatziki Work Organization Simulation Game


What does Tzatziki have to do with Innovative Work Organization?

Tzatziki is a work organization simulation game that uses different work organization designs for simple food preparation – presented by Øresund Synergy and Flanders Synergy.  This is work organization transformed into Theater.

Four work teams, in Green, Pink, Blue and Orange, follow four dramatically different sets of work rules based on the Demand/Control model.  Participants develop hands-on, practical experience that is more powerfully understood and useful than the most enlightening lecture.

Participants’ instantaneous personal reactions enable them to fully understand the theoretical concepts behind the work organization’s affects on worker wellbeing and output (innovation, stress, motivation, output, creative collaboration, boredom, frustration).

The debriefing group discussion after the game - commented on by Demand/Control model developer Karasek – reviews the result of the work performed by the teams – and clearly proves that innovative output, quality of work and quantitative productivity are affected by the different work organization designs.

Demand/Control Model work-experiential learning tool

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Tzatziki Game

Tzatziki Game

Tzatziki Game

Tzatziki Game

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