Organizational Diagnostic Plan and Process

Our Company Start–up Process typically begin with Organizational “Quick Scan” meetings with key persons about company structure, perceived problems, and anticipated company solutions.

Then an Organizational Analysis often follows, using world-renowned, proprietary questionnaire: the JCQ 2.0 (below) – including “Organizational Health Status” assessments, and standard job strain risk/and job active growth assessments. Questionnaire feedback builds a broad platform for work process analysis and Multi-party Dialogues within the company.

Company’s Work Organization Engagement can then be enhanced by playing the Tzatziki game - which “opens-up” the company’s range of acceptable work organization dialogues.

Thereafter comes the Øresund Synergy Company Action Plan Decision Point (assisted by web-based tools) to select an approach for the primary Øresund Synergy Company contributions to follow:

a. Organization-level Work Re-Organization

b. Focused, Task-based Job Redesign

c. Personal behavior-based Stress Health courses at group level

d. Individually-focused, Stress Prevention, Coaching, or Work Re-entry